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Storefront Pricing

Yes, you CAN afford to sell online!

Whether you are just starting out and needs all the breask you can get or you have a little cash on hand to put towards taking the next step, we’ve got you covered.Check out the basic options below to find out what’s right for you.


Pretty much as advertised – we’ll hand over a storefront that’s ready for you to start putting your products on the market. No muss, no fuss – no further commitments. We’ll set you up with a merchant service provider (a ‘gateway’) and add all of the needed infrastructure to your website. After that you just add prodects and sell!


We know that when you’re trying to get off the ground, sometimes a multi-hundred dollar expenditure can be a little daunting. We’ve been where you are, and we don’t think that price needs to be a barrier to success when it comes to an online store presence. With a profit percentage plan, you can
Here’s how it works: We’ll set up a basic storefront for you for a cost you can afford – we’re talking $20 a month on top of your web service plan. In addition to that, we’ll take 10 percent of gross sales for the storefront. You won’t be sent a bill for additional sales… all of that is done automatically on our servers.
We do this because we want you to be successful – after all, in a plan like this, your success is OUR success too!