Who We Are

In a nutshell, Greyman Industries is a bootstrapped web service company focusing on serving the small business community in the Southeast U.S.

Greyman Industries started in 2012 with a single client. Our goal then was to work on a single web application and call it a day, but as time went on we saw the need for a company that not only could handle technical work for local clientele, but could also be an involved, responsive presence in the day-to-day technical concerns of small businesses who have historically been under-served in smaller communities. As word-of-mouth spread, we have taken on several clients right here in South Georgia and as far away as Central Alabama – but our mission to be that technical representative for our community has remained unchanged.

What We Do

We make the Web accessible to all businesses. We specialize in being an affordable option for small-to-medium-sized local businesses looking to either get their foot in the digital door or to improve their image and presence on the Web. We span a wide array of tech-related products and services… mobile design and development, site design, hosting and more.

We do all this while striving to maintain a focus on our local community.  While we know that web services can (and perhaps in some cases should be) a globally focused enterprise, we are primarily focused on being an accessible, client-focused local service for businesses in the Southeastern United States – because sometimes it helps to have people that know the community… that know YOU.

So, to the nitty gritty… what EXACTLY can we provide? I’m so glad you asked – click here for a breakdown.

Our Clients

Here are a few of the local businesses that have chosen to make Greyman their web service company of choice for Web design, hosting, or mobile application development – maybe all of the above! We’re proud of the level of client satisfaction we provide, and we invite  you to check out any (or all) of the businesses below to see more.

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