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Well, it’s been a long time coming and it’s not at all done (whose project ever is, right?) but WELCOME to our new home! There is already some new functionality baked in – current clients can sign up for email updates to get important status changes like scheduled maintenance, new features, and the like. However, that’s just the beginning!

We’ve migrated this site and all of our back-end operations (fascinating stuff like accounting, task automation, and the like) to an upgraded server and are in the process of getting a more streamlined approach to working with our distributed infrastructure in place. In the coming months we plan to build and implement a client sign-up feature that will allow centralized access to your accounts, webmail, and other services we offer, and because of the ease of updating you should see a lot more changes much more often than in the past.

Long story short, we’ve laid the framework for a much more flexible and scalable system, and we look forward to using that extra bandwidth to continue to expand our offerings to the community and improve what we currently offer. Thanks to all our clients for reading and for being a part of south Georgia’s up and coming web gateway!