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Meet Team GmI


Before settling down in the small town of Nashville, Georgia, Julian spent much of his professional career on the road with a large federal government contract agency. After he decided to settle down in his family hometown, his background in computer networking, electronics, and project development allowed him to be of service to the Financial Aid department at nearby Valdosta State University (GO BLAZERS!). When not managing projects for VSU or being the chief cook and bottle washer at GmI, Julian likes to try to learn playing whatever musical instrument he can find strewn around his minefield of a studio.


Brandon is a freelance web developer hailing from Augusta, Georgia. He and Julian make up the duo currently known as Greyman Industries. His bread and butter here at GmI is application and web "front end work," which is to say he puts together the bits that the user actually sees and interacts with. When not obsessed with web and app prettification, he also likes to pick a little guitar now and again.