Our Services

Monthly prices are listed beside the services – we think you’ll find we’re pretty competitive. We are always looking for a new challenge, so if you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for here, then get in touch – we’re always ready to talk about custom solutions!


As basic as it gets – we’ll register your domain name and point it to your website. Renews every year.


If you’ve got your own graphics and know what you want to tell the world, then this one’s for you! We’ll set you up with a basic site template, and we’ll guide you through the process of getting your pictures and copy (written text) published. Perfect for a company on a shoestring budget and up for some assisted DIY! Note that the price listed is for a shared server, but we can also hook you up with a dedicated server if you want one all to yourself – prices there start at just $20 per month!


Got a product to sell, but not sure exactly how to make it ‘pop?’ This is what you need. We’ll pick the fonts, we’ll figure out the backdrop… we’ll do everything it takes to frame the content you give us in a way that compliments it perfectly. The process starts with a consulting session – we’ll ask you some questions to get an idea of a ‘feel’ that you’re going for – then we go and make it happen!


Not everyone has the time or inclination to hassle with being a wordsmith. Here at GmI well… we kind of like it. You give us your product and a little time, and our team will hand you back a copy sheet that will put some serious sizzle into your sales pitch!


Sometimes the frame is almost as important as the picture. With the addition of graphic design to your package, we can set you up with both. The design fee covers photography to generate your original content as well as layout and any image manipulation (think “PhotoShop”) that is needed to make your brand come to life!


You don’t want to make changes to your website – you want to concentrate on what it is you do best, we get it. Why not leave the changes to us? You’ll have to get in touch with us for this one, because pricing changes according to the number of updates per month that you’ll want. And yes, we know that you might not KNOW exactly how many monthly updates you need… so just give us a shout and we’ll help you figure that out. With maintenance plans starting as low as $10 per month, we know we have the right one for you in here somewhere.


Well, ultimately this is the feature most businesses would like to have… and if you’ve priced the market you’ll know that getting a storefront started can be not only a pricey proposition, but a bit of a headache to boot. We are trying to change that by getting… well, maybe slightly radical with our ideas about pricing for storefronts. This one is a little bit special and deserves a page all its own, so if you’re seriously interested in selling direct from your website, please head over to our storefront pricing page to take a look at some of the options we’ve put together – you’ll not find concepts like this in any national web service provider’s product line!